The sum of all the parts equals the whole

Welcome to Royal Dallas Social Order.

RDSO is a social order with heart

Mission Statement:

Reduce Recidivism and restore families affected by it through a holistic approach.

We are here to serve

What Is the problem or issues that our project will address ?

Most community service programs only offer opportunities during hours that disrupt normal life activities. By offering opportunities that don’t disrupt these activities we directly impact the ability to complete court appointed conditions for release from probation and parole. We also address mentoring, training, and employment for those in need of theses services when they come through the program. All that do community service may not necessarily need all services provided, but they are available for those that do.


We are officially taking volunteers

As you know, volunteers are critical to the success of our Program. To protect yourself, loved ones, and the community at large we are following all CDC guidelines. There are also several local and State guidelines that are for public safety and must be followed to flatten the curve of infection. Please know that during this Covid-19 pandemic we’re focused on maintaining the health of individuals who support the work we do.

RDSO will continue to monitor the evolving news, and until we are instructed to do otherwise by local health officials, will remain open. At our core, we are here to serve the undeserved in our community and we will continue to do that. If you are in need please reach out to us. For those that can, we are in need of emergency funds to continue our work. Donations are processed though crowdrise.


YTD we have served >1,000 constituents of four North Texas counties ( Collin, Dallas, Denton, and Tarrant ), City of Dallas, and DISD with >9,000 hours of training and community service hours rendered. We have raised >$50,000 USD


Thank you!!! Happy new year.

I completed my 4 yrs of

deferred probation because of yall.

Yall are the best! Thank you again


Charity ID -81-4090486

A fun way to Volunteer

RDSO is changing lives one event at a time. By volunteering at one of our stands you are helping families stay together. Funds raised help to keep this program going. Donate to fund this grass-root effort.

Fun at AT&T Stadium

High School Community Service

Helping out in the Federal Goverment Shut down 2018